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Worksheet #766 - Mathematics


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Solve the Word Problems

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Rick has 5 pencils. His brother gave him some more. He now has 9 pencils. How many pencils did his brother give him?

  9 - 5 = 4



Ted has 45 game tokens. His parents gave him some more tokens to make it 50. How many token did Ted's parent gave him?


There are 8 pots in your garden. Your gardener added a few more pots to your garden and now there are 12 pots. How many pots did the gardener add?


Tina has 10 friends. She made a few more friends in Christina's birthday party and now she has 12 friends. How many new friends did she make at the party?


Nikki has 5 red crayons and 2 blue crayons. Mike gave her a few more crayons. Now, she has 5 blue crayons. How many blue crayons did Mike give her?


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(1) 4

(2) 5 (3) 4 (4) 2 (5) 3

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